Xiaomi invest 45.6 billion on AIoT

Jan. 11, 2019 | 19:42:00
Xiaomi phone
In order to increase investor confidence, Xiaomi Chairman Lei Jun, although stating that his shareholding is not selling, still can't stop the violent downtrend, but Lei Jun is still leading the way to lead Xiaomi to level up.
Xiaomi announced that it will invest 10 billion yuan (about NT$45.6 billion) in smart devices such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things, in preparation for the next five years. And this year will officially launch the "mobile +AIoT" dual-engine strategy.
Since the Internet of Things has become the next-generation industry after the Internet and mobile networks, the artificial intelligence combined with the IoT of the Internet of Things will be the hottest trend in 2018, which is bound to drive semiconductors, edge computing, 5G networks, Innovative developments in related technologies such as smart vehicles lead the fourth wave of technological innovation and welcome the arrival of the wisdom era.
Lei Jun, chairman of Xiaomi Group, said at the Xiaomi annual meeting that although the market expects that 5G launch will promote the demand for smart phones, Xiaomi is still seeking to diversify its income, so AIOT is AI+IoT, namely artificial intelligence + IoT platform. For Xiaomi's interior, AIOT is "All in IoT".

In fact, in 2013, Xiaomi laid out a complete ecological chain centered on mobile phones. After five years of development, Xiaomi has become the world's largest consumer Internet of Things platform in the world in terms of IoT layout. By November 2018, Xiaomi IoT platform does not. With mobile phones and notebooks, a total of 132 million smart devices have been connected, supporting over 2,000 devices.
Therefore, Xiaomi believes that AIOT is the Internet of Everything. If it can win the AIOT, Xiaomi will win the future hardware + network market. Therefore, in the next 5 years, it will continue to invest 10 billion RMB into the relevant layout of ALL in AIoT. Mobile + AIoT dual engine, as the core strategy for the next five years.
The recent action of Xiaomi shows the core strategic position of AIOT. On January 6 this year, Xiaomi Strategy entered the TCL and the two sides reached in-depth cooperation, which will enable Xiaomi's home appliance business to receive considerable support in the supply chain and OEM capacity. It continues to provide further support for Xiaomi air conditioners, washing machines, etc., and the cooperation between the two industry chains will further contribute to the further expansion of Xiaomi in the field of household appliances.
Since Xiaomi has been in business, mobile phones have always been the core business. However, in the case that the mobile phone mayor is not easy to grow, the overall industry must break out in another direction. Therefore, Lei Jun said at the annual meeting that before the arrival of 5G spring, Xiaomi mobile phone will play a long-term battle. To make the mobile phone business stand firm in the world, the first is victory.
Lei Jun said that the next wave of opportunities is the 5G era and the AIOT era. With the advent of the 5G era, it will drive a new wave of change in the smart phone industry, but it takes 2 to 3 years to go from 5G for large-scale commercial use. The arrival of the AI era is at least an order of magnitude super opportunity in the era of action.
Lei Jun also acknowledged that the issue of the US-China trade war has made the overall economic situation more uncertain. The lack of demand for the global smart phone industry is also a fact. Under the pressure of internal diplomacy, Xiaomi must break through innovation, improve quality, upgrade its brand, and expand its access. And strengthen the group headquarters functions, strengthen the strategy, but to the next growth, it takes 2 to 3 years.
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