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Dec. 29, 2018 | 18:22:00
washable headphon
JLab has just released a wireless bluetooth headphone with a detachable earmuff. The earmuff can be removed from headphone and put into washing machine for cleaning. It's very convenient for consumers who like to listen music when doing sports, and also a new choice for them.
The North American brand JLab have seen that many sports and fitness people like to listen music while exercising, which will cause the earmuffs of the headphones to be affected by sweat. Therefore, JLab Flex Sport earphone's earmuff can be removed after exercising and throw into the washin machine for cleaning. So that consumers who love sports can have a relatively clean and hygienic device.
JLab headphon
JLAB Flex Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review | True Gym Headphones!

The JLab Flex Sport bluetooth earphone has the ability to listen to ambient sounds, allowing you to addapt with the changes in the environment by the surrounding sounds, and has 20 hours of long-lasting power, using Type-C charging technology.
Some people's comment "It feels very convenient but will the sound effect be worse, just like the clothes I bought and washed, the quality has changed."
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