This Stand Can Charge Phone While Heat Coffee

Dec. 28, 2018 | 11:19:00
Coffee Stand
In such a cold weather, you need a Mini heated coffee stand when charging your mobile phone. A desin company Nomodo designed a new charging coffee stand, the name is Nomodo Trio, can keep the coffee hot and charge phone at the same time.
Design company Nomodo recently launched a very interesting product on Amazon. The Nomodo Trio solve the problem that office workers need to charge their mobile phone when they use computers and worry about coffee being cold.
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Nomodo Trio is designed in two round shapes, one circle is mainly used to heat or cool beverage, and the other circle provides wireless charging for mobile phones. But the heating and cooling functions are mainly to maintain the current temperature of the beverage, suitable for ceramics, metals and glass bottles.
This design aims to make your office more confortable. Cold weather needs a mini heated coffee stand while charge your phone. In addition to the heating function, you can keep the drink cold and it will surely taste better.
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