The market of smart headset will exceed smart watch in 2022 ?

Dec. 2, 2018 | 14:33:00
smart headset
The sales volume of smart headset products in 2022 has been predicted to grow to 158 million units, while the cumulative sales of smart watches will be 115 million units. The development is related with the popular applications of digital assistant services on mobile devices.
As Qualcomm believes that wearable devices will have a greater growth. Gartner's recent research analysis believes that the wearable device market is expected to have the growth of 26% in 2019, while the consumer market value may reach 42 billion US dollars.
According to Gartner's view, smart watches will still be the most welcomed products in wearable devices. The total sales this year will be more than 16 billion US dollar. It is expected that there will be more than 74 million sales in 2019, some of the reason is they are suitable for daily waer. But it is expected that they will be gradually replaced by the smart headset products.
In the previous description of Qualcomm, as smart watches can assist users in time processing, content searching, and make payment. It is expected to be more popular in the near future. But the development of smart headset products is also fast, and will have digital assistant applicatiions help user interface with the surrounding network devices which in conjunction with the voice-activated mode of operation.
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As for the current development of smart watches, Gartner also said that many fashion brands and traditional consumer brands will continue to invest in smart watch products. In addional, they will provide smart watch for specific purposes, such as mountaineering and sports watches. They are the digital products which will be keep growing in the future.
At the same time, Apple watch continues to influence the traditional watch market. Gartner believes that there will be more traditional brands invest in smart watch products to attract new customers. It is expected that such smart watches will have 20% market share in 2022.
In conclusion, there's still no obvious proof that the market share of smart headset will exceed smart watch in 2022, let's wait and see if it will come true.
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