The challenges that iPhone meets now

Dec. 4, 2018 | 14:23:00
"The Apple iPhone don't have new function, and the price is so expensive that people don't buy it." This is the most frequently comments of Apple's new release phones every year. The iPhone have dominated the smart phone market for more than 10 years, has obviously into the the same appearance as other phones, and no competative price. What's more, "Uniqueness" is not enough to lead the trends of new phones.
In the past, the highly recognized iPhone has become the object of imitation of other brands. In addition, the brands are tend to manufacture narrow border, full screen and arc edge, so that the smart phones are looked almost the same. If you install the protective cover, they can only be recognized by the position of rear lens.
In addition, Huawei, OPPO, Vivo and other new brands have attracted more consumers with better specifications and CP values, so that to divide the market share of Samsung and Apple iPhone.

Take Huawei Mate series mobile phones as example. It have the full screen , and the matrix Leica three lens is the new highlight function. It focus on the large wide angle, night vision mode that can be used in super wide angle or zoom in/out. And combined with AR augmented reality application.
Huawei also use cross-border joint designs to expand brand value. They use Leica camera, and cooperate with Porsche for combination of top leather and fused glas, to highlight the uniqueness and boutique of itself.
Most of Apple iPhone fans believe in the "Boutique" of it's products. In addition of the smooth texture of the product itself, the "Uniqueness" of IOS system is also the favor of fans. Most of Android users are often compains about the delay of reaction of their phones.
Everything Wrong With The iPhone

But high prices are acceptable if it is boutique, but when the differences become smaller and smaller, and the new models have less attract for users. The willingness to change another iPhone will be naturally decreased.
In fact, when all other brands of smart phones are taking the "boutique style", Apple's advantages have been gradually lost. Since the birth of first genaration of iPhone in 2007, it have been 10 years, and now the specifications have reached it's peak. Everyone is waiting for the new revolutionary iPhone in the coming year.
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