The 7 best mobile phones this year

Dec. 4, 2018 | 14:07:00
7 best mobile phones
According to the functions of camera, design, performance and features. The 7 best mobile phones of this year including Samsung Galaxy Note 9, iPhone XS, Google Pixel 3, OnePlus 6T, iPhone XR, LG V40 ThinQ. The 7th is the Moto G6 just for the factor of CP value.
The scores of Iphone XS and Pixel 3 are the same, Pixel3 have the better performance of camera, but finally ranked the third. Because of the lack of design, feature and performance.
There are also some other mobile phones have almost the same performance, such as Razer Phone 2, Google Pixel 3 XL, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, iPhone XS Max, ASUS ROG Phone, Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+, Moto Z3, Vivo Nex, Huawei P20 Lite, LG V35 ThinQ, etc.
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Why the Note 9 becoming the best mobile phone of the year? That's because of the S Pen and large-capacity memory. Iphone XS Max actually has the same score as the second-ranked Iphone XS, but most people think it's really very expensive and may lose the change to be included in the best 7 mobile phones. The advantages of XS include a greatly improved dual-lens camera, as well as A12 Bionic's performance and faster Face ID.
Google Pixel 3 XL was replaced by Pixel 3 and didn't ranked in the 7 best phones. The reason is that the bangs don't look good.
Why the ASUS ROG also ranked in the 7 best phones, just because the Air Triggers Ultrasonic Touch Key is quite innovative, with excellent battery life and many game accessories. But the disadvantage is that the price is higher than the Razer Phone 2.
Of course, for many people they only need the basic functions of mobile phones. Don't know the meaning of spend a lot of money on functions they will not use. The ranking is just for recommendation, and man should be wisely to choose mobile phones that he really needs.
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