Smart Building Materials make the wall became screen

Jan. 15, 2019 | 9:12:00
Smart Building Material
With the increasing popularity of 5G technology, the life of the Internet of Things is coming soon. Today, Japanese printing company Toppan Printing introduces a variety of building materials that include IoT functionality, allowing users to have more features in the floor and walls of their homes, bringing smart homes from science fiction movies to reality.
In Japan, due to the persistence of the old population problem, the letterpress printing company decided to transform and join the IoT building materials market. In the exhibition held recently, they exhibited the "Info Wall" with the screen function and the floor "Stealth Health Meter" with integrated electronic scale.
FULL DISPLAY made of RGB Fans!? - HyperVSN Wall

As can be seen from the introduction, "Info Wall" is a smart wall that combines plaques and screens. It can project travel, weather and information on the wood wall to provide users with more life information. And Info Wall can get all kinds of information from the cloud, and it can be integrated into the general wall without projection.
Smart Floor The Stealth Health Meter integrates the weight scale function, allowing users to monitor important data such as weight, body fat and muscle mass through a smart mirror or mobile phone at a specific location. In addition, the Stealth Health Meter blends in with the floor, and in addition to taking up space, it maintains the overall design of the room. In addition, the water-resistant sheet developed by the convex plate printing is sufficient for the space such as the kitchen and the toilet. The previously launched Location Floor records the location of your family and is convenient for caregivers.
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