New Release of Nokia 9 in 2019

Dec. 27, 2018 | 18:12:00
Nokia 9
The Nokia 9 has been regarded as the most powerful flagship model on the mobile phone market. Main camera with 5 ZEISS certified lenses and other new features.
The rumor's from the beginning of 2018 till the end. A few days ago, the media reported that due to the camera did not reach the best level of ideal status. HDM Global said that they have posponed the release time of Nokia 9.
According to this, many medias believe that the Nokia 9 flagship model with powerful camera shooting function will be offically released in January or February in 2019. Most of the Nikia 9 pictures on the internet are fulselage back cover and equipped with five camera lenses.
The Slashleaks recently exposed a number of Nokia 9's photos, which are from the screen protection manufacturers. You can see from the picture that Nokia 9 have slim border, and abandoned the bangs shape design, while retaining the forehead and bottom chin at the top of the fuselage, making the overall body looks pretty slender.
In the forehead area of ??the top of the fuselage, a single front-mounted self-timer lens is arranged in the right half, and the middle stage is the earpiece. The two round holes on the leftmost side of the top of the fuselage are sensors, and we don't know the specific function yet.
The most striking feature of the Nokia 9 is that it has seven round holes at the back of machine, and is arranged in a circular including 5 ZEISS certified lenses with PureView imaging technology and 1 flash and sensor.
Nokia 9 - 46 MP Camera, 5G, Hands on, Price & First Look

As the detailed specifications of Nokia 9, most media reports summarized as follows:
1. The screen size section is equipped with a 5.9-inch full screen and QHD 2K ultra-high resolution; 2. The material part of the fuselage is designed with double glass and metal middle frame before and after; 3. The body is equipped with IP67/68 waterproof performance; 4 The body is equipped with a USB Type C transmission interface and discards the 3.5mm headphone jack. 5. Support screen fingerprint identification technology. 6. The five lenses on the back of the machine are estimated by the industry to use Light's multi-lens camera technology to capture the quality of professional cameras with multiple focal length lenses and corresponding software.
At present, the above specifications have not been confirmed by HMD Global. However, with the coming new year of 2019, the time for Nokia officially release is not so far.
When there's no smart phone yet, I have been using Nokia Phones all the time, with good quality and great function, so I looking forward to the win back of it's GLORY!!!
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