New iPhone will use Wifi 6

Jan. 9, 2019 | 19:06:00
iPhone wifi 6
Although it has been criticized for the lack of innovation in the iPhone for many years, there is no doubt that there are only a lot of rumors about the new iPhone every year. There has been a lot of news about this year's next-generation iPhone, such as the three-lens camera, the new Face ID, and the six-generation Wi-Fi.
According to the foreign media "9To5Mac" report, this year's iPhone may not have much change in appearance, but the specifications will be different from last year's iPhone XS. The most obvious one is the Internet part. The new iPhone has little chance of using 5G network, because the patent issue between Apple and Qualcomm is undecided. Apple also plans to get rid of the Intel chip and turn to its own 5G network chip, so that this year's iPhone will be absent. 519 cyber war in 2019.
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However, "9To5Mac" revealed that the new iPhone may give priority to the new generation of Wi-Fi 6 network specifications, and integrate new antenna technology on the hardware. Although it is impossible to know more detailed hardware specifications, it is estimated. An antenna made of a liquid crystal polymer provides stronger signals and faster data transmission.
With the new antenna technology blessing, the new iPhone's six-generation Wi-Fi technology (the 802.11ax protocol) will enjoy the advantages of speed, efficiency and power saving. Although it is impossible to use the 5G network, for foreign users, the mobile network tariff is expensive and has limited traffic. Compared with Taiwan's full cost, the efficient Wi-Fi network is more practical.
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