Nemeio Electronic Paper Keyboard

Jan. 6, 2019 | 16:10:00
Nemeio Electronic Keyboard
The Nemeio electronic paper keyboard can be customized with buttons and functions. In the near future, it may have cooperation with notebook manufacturers.
It's diffcult to reduce the initial production cost, due to the ePaper electronic paper technology. Users can design personalized icons and editorial macros in the future.
The largetst e-commerce group LDLC clarified that this keyboard was not using E-Ink technology, instead they use other ePaper electronic paper technology.
The LDLC staff said the design of Nemeio keyboard may also have cooperation with the notebook manufacturers in the future, so that the notebook product can directly integrate the Nemeio keyboard customization function and the graphic usage mode. However, since Nemeio is still in the initial stage of development, the actual appearance of the current external display is still only a prototype design, so the plan for cooperation with the notebook product will be arranged in the next stage of development.
At present, LDLC hopes to let Nemeio keyboard officially enter the market before the end of this year, and expects to set the price between 200 and 300 US dollars. However, due to ePaper electronic paper technology, the mass production cost is difficult to reduce at the beginning, so the final price is also possible. Increase to around $500.
Nemeio Hands-On: A completely customizable e-ink keyboard at CES 2019

As for the user's desire to design a personalized icon, the LDLC staff said that they can synchronize through the exclusive setting software, and even allow the user to edit the function operation macro, so that the user usually needs more than one key combination to perform the function. , can be done through a specific button.
In addition, the USB-C port on the back of the keyboard is mainly for the power connection, and the other standard USB-A can be used as the USB Hub, allowing the user to connect the mouse, the pen drive, etc., while the keyboard can act as a stand under the keyboard. Part of it is the location of the battery, which is used to respond to the power supply requirements of the Bluetooth connection. As for the longest connection time, it depends on the actual operation. At present, there is still no specific data.
Nemeio's total of 81 sets of buttons display the surface content of the buttons on electronic paper. Users can customize the display language, graphics, and operation functions through exclusive software, and correspond to AZERTY, QWERTY, or the unique Bépo buttons in Spain, and even support Japanese. Keyboard arrangement mode.
Due to the use of electronic paper display technology, the actual power loss is not too obvious, and the physical button design is maintained, so that a certain button tapping feeling can be retained, and the touch-sensitive electronic paper keyboard will have the better button feeling.
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