Android Mobile Phones

Best Android Mobile Phones Voted by 6 Million Fans

After the voting of best android mobile phone Galaxy Note 9, the new vote is coming. In particular, the voting method is select from 24 mobile phones and 1VS1, only the winner can enter the next round. In the end, the Galaxy Note 9 and Huawei Mate 20 Pro are the last two phones to enter the final round for the chapionship. Subsequently, Note 9 defeated Mate 20 Pro with 57% of the votes, and was selected by Android fans as the best mobile phone of the year. So both the editorial selection and fans voting, Galaxy Note 9 became the No. 1..


Construct Unreal 3D Videos from Real World with AI

In the past, in order to construct 3D scene, we need 3D modeling independently for each object in the space. However, recently the NVIDIA researchers announced that they are training AI through a neural network to make the real world movie automatically, and convert them into 3D images...

AI Robot

Space Station AI Robot Can Talk with Astronauts and Assist in Experiments

In the June of this year, the AI robot Cimon arrived at the International Space Station by Space X Falcon 9 rocket. And become the first AI robot to operate in space. Until recently, it finally officially started to work, and the astronaut Alexander Gerst had recorded his communication with Cimon to show it's ability...


The new drone can assist in disaster relief

The drones are widely used in many fields. In addition of industrial or entertainment use, many countries also use them to assist in disaster relif. However, there's still many resctrictions on it. Because the cracks of the buildings are often deformed or too narrow, the drones are often failed to enter the building, but with the help of Swiss research teams, this situation may have some change in the future...

smart lock

First 3D face recognition door lock will be on sale soonFirst 3D face recognition door lock will be on sale soon

The world's first "IP 68 Bluetooth waterproof electronic door lock" is on display of the exhibition. It was designed by WAFERLOCK, and id expected to be on sale the first quarter of next year. But the price is not confirmed yet. According to the market survey by Strategy Analytics, the Smart Home Access Control: Predictions, Players and Products. In 2023, the global smart lock sales will be expected to reach 26 million...

5G phones

How 5G Works with Your Next Phone

The United States AT&T announced that it will launch 5G services in 12 cities including Houston, Atlanta and Los Angeles, and also open to users to start bidding on 21st of December. However, because 5G service is still in the early stage, and 5G mobile phones are not online yet, AT&T will send hotspots to users at first, so that 5G net can be enjoyed by users by Wi-Fi signals...

Quiet Washer

Super Quiet Washer Not Disturbing Your Neighbors

The new Whirlpool washing machine is equipped with innovative laundry technology to solve the problems of cleaning, noise and dehydration. Whirpool use the 10KG flagship drum washing machine "Milan Star" from Italy, pure white and simple modern style, small size and light weight. Fit will all home style and had won the IF Design Award...

fingerprint recognition

Why is fingerprint recognition the future of mobile phones?

Nowadays, the global smart phone market is on the status of saturated and the time of change phones is longer. Many mobile phone manufacturers are hope to use the innovative technology to drive the current buying. Fingerprint recognition is definitely the highlight of smart phones in 2019...

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