washable headphone

Where to buy washable headphone

JLab has just released a wireless bluetooth headphone with a detachable earmuff. The earmuff can be removed from headphone and put into washing machine for cleaning. It's very convenient for consumers who like to listen music when doing sports, and also a new choice for them...

coffee stand

This Stand Can Charge Phone While Heat Coffee

In such a cold weather, you need a Mini heated coffee stand when charging your mobile phone. A desin company Nomodo designed a new charging coffee stand, the name is Nomodo Trio, can keep the coffee hot and charge phone at the same time. Design company Nomodo recently launched a very interesting product on Amazon. The Nomodo Trio solve the problem that office workers need to charge their mobile phone when they use computers and worry about coffee being cold...

Nokia 9

New Release of Nokia 9 in 2019

The Nokia 9 has been regarded as the most powerful flagship model on the mobile phone market. Main camera with 5 ZEISS certified lenses and other new features. The rumor's from the beginning of 2018 till the end. A few days ago, the media reported that due to the camera did not reach the best level of ideal status. HDM Global said that they have posponed the release time of Nokia 9....

IOS 12 Bug

Solution for IOS 12 Bug

Apple recently released two updates of IOS 12.1.2 and fixed the issue of enabling the previous version of eSIM, as well as internet bugs in iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR in Turkey. However, after the new version was launched and updated, many users still reported that their iPhone could not receive 4G signals and could not access the Internet. As a result, basic functions such as iMessage and 4G calls could not be used normally...

Google Home

Great success of Pixel and Google Home

In the past few years, Google is known for artificial intelligence and software services, but have no masterpieces in hardware. Until recently, Google Home and Pixel Phones have successfully combined hardware and software, the sale have been pretty good. Mark Mahaney the Royal Bank of Canada Analyst said that Google has a successful start and it's the big impact to the industry...


UltraWide aspect ratio surface screen from LG

With the approaching of CES, LG has also announced the key products at CES, including the 49WL95 32:9 curved screen, and the ultra-light 17-inch screen laptop, only 1.34 kg. The UltraWide 49WL95 is 5,120 x 1,440 and a density of 108 PPI, which is equivalent to two 27inches QHD screens....


How do you think of Huawei?

The smart phone manufacturer Huawei's sale have exceeded 200 million in 2018, which is more than 30% higher than the 153 million in 2017. According to IDC data, Huawei's global market share of smart phone in 2017 was 10.4% on the third, Samsung is 21.6% and Iphone is 14.7%. In terms of season, Huawei surpassed Iphone for the first time in April-June 2018 and become the second in the world....


AI can help to understand Animal body language

As we've all seen, the Hollywood movie use "Motion Capture" sensor devices to capture the movement. And turn actors into giants or beasts. In real life, the Princeton Institute of Neuroscience (PNI) has also developed a set of AI tools that with just few minutes, one can automatically track the animal's movement in movies, as well as assist in the study of animal body language....

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