Artificial Intelligence - New Era of Mankind

Nov. 28, 2018 | 16:18:00
Artificial Intelligence
World is developing faster and faster day by day, many things have changed on people's daily life, also the thoughts of human kinds are changed, many concepts have fall behind the trend. So new thoughts coming everyday. The most importatnt change in our life is AI.

"Artificial intelligence (AI), sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines." - from Wikipedia.

The personal computers become popular 20 years ago, and smart phones become popular 10 years ago. When these new technologies are more popular, that creat many job opportunities in the world.
However, the above mentioned industries are out of date now, are replaced by the robotic automation. No wonder that many people think that with the development of robots, the industry will change the world in 10 years.
The world is moving towards the "Fourth Industrial Revolution". The advancement of technology is generally focused on the production process in the past.

The combination of automation and mechanization
In recent years, the global artificial intelligence (AI) has been developing fastly, new technologies and applications gradually matured and applied to different fields. The brand new AI application service has exceeded the imagination of technology development by many people. Most of us believe that the AI era of science and technology is coming right now!
At present, the development of global AI technology is in the state of continuous breakthrough. It's well known that it will bring extensive and subversive influences applications in future, and become the mainstream of science and technology development. Many governments have already take the artificial intelligence as an important issue for national competition and development. It's also the core development area of various technology companies.
The Current State and Future of Artificial Intelligence | A Documentary by Ashlee Vance

According to the prediction of economic report, artificial intelligence will boost global GDP growth by $15.7 trillion in 2030, that will become the biggest business opportunity for global investors. In addition, the global artificial intelligence industry's revenue will grow up to $37 billion by 2025, about 57% growth each year.
In the era of AI, the transformation of human's work is inevitable. In positive prespective, it means that more new ways of work is coming. Many of simple works will be replaced by AI, and more new types of work that require human judgment and creativity. Those who work as designers, architects, process designers and managers, artists and writers will become more valuable in the future, it will attract more people to do the creative work.
In conclusion, as technology advances, artificial intelligence technology will replace humans in many of simple and repetitive tasks. When everyone is worried about the future, artificial intelligence is a good way of solving social and economic problems for all mankind. The importance is on how people think of it, only with open mind and creatively thought to welcome the new world of aritificial intelligence, so that we can trully become the masters of the future.
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